The Lowdown on Speedrunning: Get Involved

22 Nov

The Lowdown on Speedrunning: Get Involved

Speedrunning is big in the world of gaming. The very best gamers go head-to-head to complete a video game as fast as possible. Speedrunning events and marathons have seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years. Participants practise their game at home so they can bring their A-game on the day of reckoning. Although some events are held purely to see who is best and can potentially come away with some prize money, there are also speedrunning events for charity. This year alone an Awesome Games Done Quick Marathon raised well over two million dollars for charity.

Speedrun Events

Although some speedrun events are renowned worldwide, make sure you watch out for smaller or local events where you can practise. Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is one of the biggest events, and while it offers fantastic gaming and entertainment, smaller events can be just as great. European Speedrunner Assembly is on the rise as well and is held annually in February. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Western Digital Speed Run Cup, held for the very first time on the 23rd of November 2018. Western Digital, a leading supplier of solid state drives, will host the five-hour marathon in London and are pitting UK’s top speedrunners, game bloggers and journalists against each other.

Speedrun Games

Speedrun games played are very varied. AGDQ include anything from LittleBigPlanet2 to Hell’s Finest and Disney’s Aladdin. Often, these events are open to suggestions prior to deciding on the final schedule. For example, the European Speedrunner Assembly asks for game submissions and suggestions. Decisions are made based on the length of the game, entertainment value as well as commentary quality. The Western Digital Speed Run Cup has chosen to include a varied mix of video games. Perhaps one of the weirdest games is I Am Bread, where you start as an innocent piece of bread in a whacky environment. Also on the menu are Portal, Cup Head and Super Meat Boy, where Portal is a more conventional speedrun game.

Speedrun Channels & Resources

For more inspiration and information on speedrun games, have a look at the website. It’s a great resource on leader boards and games, as well as providing a forum to speedrunners. The site is still in beta phase, but provides a fantastic resource for all involved. You don’t have to play the actual games to enjoy a speedrun event. There are a host of video game channels out there, where people film their actually speedruns or stream it live. Get your first taste of speedrunning on SpeedRunsLive. You can lurk around and watch people play games, or get yourself involved by engaging in one of their newbie-friendly games. You can also join the chat room or forum to read up more about speedrunning before taking part.

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