The Best Things to Look Forward to With Clean Technology

29 Jun

The Best Things to Look Forward to With Clean Technology

When it comes to smartphones, headphones, televisions, and other great gadgets, cleantech may not be at the forefront of your mind. Usually, we tend to think about creating electricity efficiently, making better use of our natural resources, and ultimately helping the environment. When it comes to our favourite gadgets though, cleantech brings with it a whole realm of possibilities for our everyday electronics.

Consider the following, smartphones which almost never run out of power so no need for charging. TV’s that don’t run up electricity bills due to wasting energy through heat, as well as cars which don’t cost an arm and a leg to run every single month.

Unrivalled Energy-Efficiency for Gadgets

There’s nothing more irritating than a great smartphone with so many fun and useful features that has a battery life of less than an hour. The amount of energy used in something like a smartphone, portable gaming device, or MP3 player is usually fairly low, but an excessive load can generate a lot of heat. This heat is essentially wasted energy that would alternatively be used for performance if the processor was more efficient.

Where cleantech comes in is that they have been working on exactly this type of thing – processors which reduce most of, or eliminate heat output. If the geniuses in the clean technology field crack this issue, we could be seeing our gadgets becoming not only more long-lasting but also ridiculously more efficient. Some smartphones, like the OnePlus 5, are making great strides in lengthening battery life, however, cleantech advancements will trump these if they achieve a likely breakthrough.

Efficient Cars That Don’t Pollute

Biofuel is a potentially big milestone for not only efficient fuels for cars, generators, and more, it is a great victory for the environment. Engines of all kinds continue to harm the atmosphere with their Co2 emissions from burning fossil fuels – biofuel, on the other hand, does nowhere near as much damage as the stuff we use now. Adding to the fact that the cleantech field may soon find a way to make the energy output of this biofuel higher than traditional methods, we’ll soon get to enjoy driving without the usual downsides. This is something Tesla Motors, in particular, has been pushing for years.

Where dual-fuel and electric cars have failed to make their mark, we could soon be seeing biofuel cars revolutionising our lives. One major issue with this, however, is that a number of giants in the oil and automobile industries may try their best to block such advances to reap the financial benefits of doing so. This has been something that law firms and partners like Goodwin have been waiting for as many have already created cleantech law groups in anticipation.

No More Electricity Bills

It sounds like a ridiculous notion that we could eventually not have to pay for electricity, however, this is more of a potential reality than most realise. Sustainable energy not drawn from fossil fuels will be much cheaper to produce and will preserve our atmosphere and environment for the better. While free electricity may be a long way off, we can at least expect cheaper bills if the cleantech industry makes some more positive strides.

Using all your high-tech gadgets at home will be made all the sweeter when you don’t have to worry about a big energy bill at the end of the month. Gone could be the days where we’re all looking for the next best deal from energy suppliers – many of them may become irrelevant when it comes to price.

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